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Carden Park Hotel: The Perfect Backdrop For Holly and Jamie’s Wedding

Carden Park is a luxury hotel and resort spanning over 1,000 hectares in Cheshire. It stands out from the surrounding lush scenery with its elegant architecture. Carden Park also boasts several corners that are perfect for wedding images such as the grand staircases, beautiful gardens, etc.

Since its inception, Carden Park Hotel has been the go-to wedding venue of thousands of couples in the UK. Its grand interiors and impeccable service surely play a role in attracting brides and grooms-to-be. 

However, we believe the most attractive thing about Carden Park Hotel is its attentive care of wedding couples. There are even dedicated wedding planners to make your special day magical.

As wedding photographers, we have the chance to work at Carden Park Hotel many times. We know the hotel well enough to take beautiful wedding photos that newly-wed couples cherish for a lifetime.

It’s our great pleasure to capture the love story of Holly and Jamie right at Carden Park Hotel.

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Carden Park Wedding Photographer | The Story

Holly and Jamie first crossed their paths while hanging out with their friends in the vibrant city of Chester. The two both knew there was something special when they caught each other’s eyes.

Their feelings slowly turned into love as Jamie surprised Holly with tickets to watch the match of her favorite football clubs – Manchester City. We believe that Holly overjoyed at that time, not just because of the game, but the fact that she has found someone truly special.

Holly and Jamie have written a happy ending for their love story as they celebrated their big day at Carden Park Hotel. They exchanged vows in the grand ceremony and reception spaces in front of their loved ones. After that, all the guests mingled in the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of Carden.

As a team of Carden Park wedding photographer and videographer, we have done our best to capture the candid emotions of Holly and Jamie on their big day. The luxurious and stylish decor of Carden did a great job in complementing the love story of the couples.

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Trust Us To Be Your Wedding Photographer

Holly and Jamie were just one of several couples we have taken wedding photos for at Carden Park Hotel.

We have a deep knowledge of the hotel and its countryside surroundings. That’s why we are confident in capturing your wedding images at Carden Park in the most beautiful way possible.

Weddings are one of the biggest days in your lives, so we always go the extra mile to get the perfect shots. Don’t worry if you see us laying on the ground or climbing up the trees! Just enjoy the day with your partner, and let us take care of the rest.

Trust MCR Photo & Video to create the perfect wedding album for you at Carden Park Hotel, let’s fill in the form below and we’ll have a talk. There are many wedding inspirations in our portfolio, just in case you need some more time.