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How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer

Find the right wedding photographer: Choosing a wedding photography style is difficult as there are so many of them. It can be overwhelming to narrow down the options and select the right one for your special day.

That’s why we have written this guide to help you out. Here you will find every step involved in selecting the perfect wedding photographer in the Manchester area.

How to choose the best wedding photography

Below is the detailed guide on choosing the best wedding photography for your special day. Take a look!

Determine the style of photography you like

There are several styles of photography for your wedding, including traditional and natural.

Traditional photography involves staged shots of you and your partner in a more formal manner. The images are typically edited and polished later to achieve a classic feel. In this style, the photographer will play an active role in directing you two into posed positions and adjusting the overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile, in natural wedding photography, the photographer captures more candid moments and emotions as they unfold in a hands-off manner. He will let the happy couples act naturally instead of directing the shots as in the traditional approach. As a result, the shots will give off a more authentic sense.

As you can see, the role of photographers is different in each style of wedding photography. That’s why you should start with determining the style of wedding photography you like first before seeking a photographer in Manchester, UK.

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Decide how much you can pay for wedding photography

There are several factors that may affect the total prices you need to pay for a photographer. Some of the most important include level of experience, location and equipment. The prices also vary depending on the add-ons that come with different packages such as albums, prints, or digital files.

Let’s do your homework on the typical rates of wedding photographers and determine a realistic budget for your special day. Keep in mind that these images will be there for years to come, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra.

However, make your decision carefully to avoid overspending and even worse, disappointment when looking at the wedding album. In other words, try to strike a balance between price and quality. 

Regardless of the pricing, the most important thing boils down to finding a photographer who can capture your love story the way you want.

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Once you have your preferred style in mind, it’s time to do your research on wedding photographers.

You can begin by asking your relatives or friends for recommendations. Don’t forget to browse through their wedding albums to make sure the style aligns with what you want for yours. 

If you already book a wedding venue, it is worth looking for referrals from the manager of the site. As a person with many years of experience working with wedding photographers, she surely knows the perfect one for you!

Searching for photographers online is another good option. Nowadays, almost all photographers have a website to showcase their portfolios and attract more clients. By entering a few keywords, you are able to pick a list of potential photographers. Let’s narrow it down based on your preferred style and past reviews.

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Meet with potential photographers

It’s time to set up a meeting with the most potential photographers you have found after doing your research. We highly advise a face-to-face meeting over phone calls, since there is a lot to discuss and you also need to ensure you feel comfortable working with the photographer.

A small tip for this step is to book your appointment in advance as wedding photographers tend to have busy schedules.

Below are a list of things you should do during the meeting:

  • Discuss your style preferences and budget
  • Describe your wedding plans in details
  • Review their portfolios and wedding galleries if possible
  • Check out their package details and offers if any
  • Evaluate their professionalism and level of experience

It’s also important to make sure the person you feel comfortable with will be the main photographer at your wedding. Some large studios have several photographers and they may not assign the right one to your wedding.

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Make the final decision

After you meet with potential photographers, you probably have enough information to decide which one will capture your special moments.

As wedding photography is a huge investment, don’t rush. Take your time and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much experience does the photographer have in wedding photography?
  • Is the photographer specialized in your preferred style of photography?
  • Do you and your spouse feel comfortable working with the photographer?
  • How much does the photographer charge for the wedding photos?
  • Does the photographer offer any discounts or adds-on?

Now you are able to make the right decision!

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Some of the best wedding photography for your love story

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Final thoughts

Finally, we believe that with our guide in mind, you can find the right wedding photographer to have stunning wedding images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.Your special day is coming? Hurry up and contact this committed photographer!