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Natural Wedding Photography at Merewood Hotel

What is natural wedding photography?

Natural wedding photography is an increasingly popular style that many couples want to take on their special days. However, camera shyness and worries may make you hesitate about choosing it for your wedding.

Don’t worry; get 3 tips to make your wedding photos truly special with natural photography below.

Natural wedding photography refers to a style that captures the moments and emotions of the wedding in a candid way rather than staged one. It is becoming more preferred over traditional photography these days as it allows couples to relive their excitement of the moment through spontaneous and authentic photos.

How to get natural wedding photography: Top 3 best tips

If you’re looking to take natural wedding photos, here are top 3 tips you should keep in mind.

Relax and enjoy the day

Even when you have some posing ideas on your mind, don’t try too hard to pose. Instead, relax and focus on having fun with your partner. The concept is natural wedding photography, so you should act as naturally as you can, and let the photographer capture the magic in the moments.

Don’t worry too much about your photos. Just be in the moment and rest assured that your joy will shine through in the photos.

Natural wedding photography at Mitton Hall from Manchester wedding photographer

Pick a meaningful location

In traditional wedding photography, couples typically take their photos in an organized studio. It is a totally different case when it comes to natural wedding photography, as you can decide on the photoshoot location.

It is highly recommended to pick a location that is meaningful to you and your spouse. Taking wedding photos in such a place may revoke beautiful memories and make you two feel more natural and excited. In that way, your photos will definitely have a stronger sense of authenticity. 

If possible, you should also add some personal touches to the location, for example, placing some props or decorations.

Choose the right wedding photographer

In candid wedding photography, there will be little control over the lighting and the composition of the photos. Instead, the photographer needs to rely on available light and minimal equipment. 

Therefore, it is important to find a wedding photographer who has experience in taking natural, candid photos for couples. You can check out whether their portfolios showcase this style or not.

In addition, make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with that photographer. You are only able to create candid moments when you feel at ease with the camera.

If you’re based in Manchester, you should take a look at MCR Photo & Video. These photographers capture awesome natural wedding photos that will definitely impress you!

Natural wedding photography at Falcon Manor

Final thoughts

Natural wedding photography brings beauty and authenticity, which allows any couple to relive the moments when they look back at the photos. 

Don’t hesitate anymore! Keep in mind the 3 tips I have just told you, book a photographer and take the best photos for your wedding – check our pricing.