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Wedding Photography Styles MCR Photo & Video timeless photo bride and groom walk

Wedding Photography Styles – Our thoughts

Wedding photography styles that matter

Embarking on the quest to find your wedding photographer is akin to selecting the protagonist for your love story. With a myriad of styles and packages, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Yet, these photographs will freeze your celebration, making the choice pivotal. For couples less familiar with photography, understanding each style becomes an exciting exploration.

candid and natural

100% Candid and Natural Wedding Photography at MCR Photo & Video

Natural, Documentary, and Reportage

These terms are akin to photo cousins, capturing moments organically without excessive posing. While many photographers, including MCR Photo & Video, incorporate this style, nuances may vary. Some stay true to pure spontaneity, avoiding any posed shots. Discuss your preference with MCR Photo & Video, especially if you desire portraits. Documentary photographers are serious about preserving the day authentically.

artistic style


Think magazine covers – Unveiled Magazine and County Wedding Magazines. Fashion-forward and often edited creatively, these images serve as exceptional standalone pieces. Whether embracing traditional black and white or brighter, airy tones, request full galleries to see the full story of the day. Seeing a couple’s portrait is insufficient to judge; a complete gallery provides a comprehensive understanding.

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creative and alternative

Creative & Alternative

Creative photographers bring the unexpected – unique techniques and angles creating one-of-a-kind photos. Each image is quirky, deviating from traditional opportunities. If you seek a relaxed day, natural photography might suit better. Ensure to discuss the duration of the photoshoot with MCR Photo & Video, as creating distinctive photos takes time.

Wedding Photography Styles MCR Photo & Video bride

Wedding Photography Styles – The timeless Film

A niche choice, shooting weddings on film is rare due to its complexity. While some couples adore the aesthetic, it requires a skilled photographer. Typically, photographers, use both film and digital equipment to ensure capturing crucial moments impeccably. Fine art or creative photographers excel in this domain.

Wedding Photography Styles MCR Photo & Video traditional


This timeless style, largely unchanged over two decades, revolves around formal shots. Experienced traditional photographers, like those at MCR Photo & Video, excel in posed setups, such as cake cutting. If this resonates with you, ensure MCR Photo & Video utilises advanced equipment and editing techniques.

Wedding Photography Styles MCR Photo & Video best photograph

So, What’s the best Wedding Photography Style?

As wedding photographers, we cherish natural and contemporary wedding photography. We advise steering clear of trends that may age, opting for timeless elegance. Choosing an experienced photographer is an investment in capturing your memories authentically. Reviews and our extensive portfolio showcase our expertise.

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